Welcome To Strategic Link

Strategic Link, was started with a vision of creating an outsourcing platform that consisted of technology surrounded by great service and support. It is the genesis of a lifelong quest of creating processes that remove obstacles and create the highest probability of success.

Outsourcing Intelligence

We bring to our customers years of experience in Off-Shoring/Outsourcing contact center industry (customer service, technical support, order taking, lead generating, sales, fund raising, market research, appointment setting, collections). No matter what service you need, no matter the requirements and standard you ask for, we efficiently get you the best selection that will boost your business beyond your imagination by the best quality of service at the most competitive cost.

It’s In Our DNA

Our corporate culture is driven by our commitment to serving our clients with integrity, precision and pride. We deliver comprehensive fees and services benchmarking report from our leading global network providers. Our team focus is on how to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Global Contact Centers

We can help you to outsource contact centers anywhere around the world, according to your budget, language and type of service that you would like to provide for your customers.

Outsourcing Intelligence