Canada is a leading global sourcing nation, and one of the largest providers for sourcing support to the United States; employing an estimated 150,000 for the U.S. alone. Canada provides resources for 30 percent of the United States’ sourcing market and its total outsourcing sector produces $14 billion in annual revenue.

Canada has many skilled IT resources, a stable workforce, similar culture, and coordinating time zones with the U.S. The nation benefits from having high-tech infrastructure, high English language fluency, an educated workforce, and quality voice-based businesses.

Software development is a growing trend in Canada, valued in excess of USD $1 billion. Advanced telecommunications and infrastructure, advantageous regulatory policies, low operating costs and tax credits, and multi-cultural population effectively support the software industry.

Other sectors with high potential are Enterprise Application Software, Web Solutions, E-Solutions, and Green IT. E-security is also a lucrative venture in Canada, which was valued for over USD $300 million in 2006. Technology security — from mobile authentication, encryption, intrusion detection, and cryptography are some specializations of Canada’s IT sector. These have attracted many reputable companies such as McAfee, Cisco Systems, IBM, CA, Microsoft, Tata Consulting Services, Accenture, Keane, Infosys, Wipro Technologies, Ceridian, Convergys, and EMC.

Canada’s market also has disadvantages. High labor costs diminish its ability to compete with other sourcing locations such as India. A declining exchange rate with US currency is also corroding Canada’s cost effectiveness for operating business. During the economic recovery, Canadian companies have had to reduce operating costs, thus reducing staff numbers, reducting their ability to compete with India’s massive workforce.

Outsourcing to Canadian contact centers can be an excellent choice for:Canada_Map

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