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Contrary to common perceptions about outsourcing, not all projects are being sent overseas. Known as “homeshoring,” call centers are moving to living rooms, where individuals are connected via telephone systems to national customer service lines. One company, Arise, for example employs more than seven thousand agents in nearly every state who work from home keeping overhead low. Call centers are also being built in parts of the country with lower real estate costs and lower wage requirement. Companies like American Express and Humana Insurance prefer to keep their call centers domestic, with the idea that customers prefer local service for sensitive issues like insurance, financial products, and health care.

Sourcing projects within the United States generally includes a team of freelance professionals, primarily with the job functions of web developers, virtual assistants, and writers. Employing an American staff is more expensive than India, for example, but the quality and range of skills within the workforce is broader and therefore more appealing to companies searching for top-quality resources.

India has always been the biggest player in the outsourcing market, but as wages and the demand for higher quality of life increase, major Indian companies are now setting up operations in the US.

American companies are seeing new incentives to create jobs domestically; tax credits are being issued to companies that are creating jobs at home and not sending them overseas. President Obama rallied that its important that companies are encouraged to invest more in the United States, closing loopholes that make it more attractive to source jobs overseas. The state of Ohio has placed a ban on sourcing jobs overseas, intending to keep jobs in its state and keep its resources employed.

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