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Strategic Link is a dedicated unbiased organization.  Offering all set of solutions (Off-Shoring/Outsourcing Call /Contact Center). Our target is connecting you with the BEST possible Call /Contact Center agency in Strategic Link global network to ensure the efficiency and quality of service.

  • Encompassing Industry
    We only believe in success, we studied all centers and operations/requirement of all kind of businesses to ensure that we perfectly provide you with the optimal solution, we considering all aspects of success  (Technologies, Agents qualifications, Manpower). Based on target we provide the highway to success
  • Time is Money
    Success can never be delayed, time is money and success is a continuous process, we never waste your time with wrong choices, The interval of performance peaks from day one we ensure that your profit starts from day one with no need of cooling down period.
  • Cost Reduction
    Off-Shoring/Outsourcing is the refuge for all organizations seeking results with lower cost, we reduce the cost needed for your contact center and we ensure that the quality and performance are even higher than before. Is that possible ? with Strategic Link the answer is YES
  •  No Gambling
    Many fears of Off-Shoring/Outsourcing. Why ?knave centers, non qualified agents which is affecting the reputation of your organization. We do not gamble with your name and risk your reputation. All centers are guaranteed to carry your name preciously and interact with your customers the way you seek. Never jeopardizing your name and never leave your organization to coincidences.
  • Experience
    The environment of the contact center industry is highly dynamic, being affected perhaps daily with new laws, technology and other factors making the needs of the customers changing sometimes daily. The operations team constantly focus on the changes and ensure that we provide ultimate solutions with high efficiency taking in consideration all elements of success and failure, we never compromise your organization we are always keen on using the only best guaranteed methods to achieve your targets. Quality, reputation and profit is our mission. Our goal is to make sure your dreams come to reality.

Further Illustration

We did not forget the rest of your concerns, we know the other factors that are draw backs from the off shoring and we turned the tide and made them one of our strength points

Strategic Link is :

Reliable : Many contact centers all over the world are not legally established entities or operating in secret, Our centers are established based on the laws and regulations of each country fulfilling the required metrics to be a legal entity, thus all the centers that are going to represent to you are trustworthy and recognized by the law as a trusted reliable firm that has the right to do the job you need.

Supervision: The dynamic environment of the contact center needs a 24/7 supervision to ensure quality and performance, we never forget this point and we monitor the whole process all time. We work around the hour we are always vigilant and we monitor the smallest details

Language: We have a long set of expertise in dealing with different tongues, the British are not like the Canadians somehow different from the Americans. We handled all kind of customers and the language for us is a point of strength, all agents are fully understanding the tongue and life style of each country with perfect speaking and listening skills. We studied the market well baring in mind all aspects and we passed this knowledge down to our centers. The trust of your customers is the key factor of the success .



Our clients are well known entities in the market, had specific requirements that they themselves thought they cannot achieve in the near future and their targets were just a long term plan. Amazingly we off shored  them to one of our best centers and all their needs from customer satisfaction to first call resolution and average handling time were highly surpassed, the result was an urgent message requesting off shoring the whole project in this center. Baring in mind that agents salary in our centers was 30% less than the salary of client agents.


Our client was a simple medical equipments provider with a minor market share, studying the process accurately we were able within one year to make this client hit the top 10 list and achieving extra ordinary numbers.

With proper telemarketing techniques and faith from our client in our strategy we took the dreams of our client to another level now targeting being the number one in the market.

All of this was achieved with a cost 60 % less than requested from other centers.

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