Outsourcing of IT, call centers, administrative services and knowledge work has become a global trend. Watching India’s success in the outsourcing space, many African countries, including South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana and Mauritius, have tried to build their own outsourcing capabilities in recent years. In fact, 8 out of the Top 100 outsourcing destinations worldwide, according to the latest 2013 Tholons Ranking, are located in Africa. Not surprisingly, Kenya’s government for example lists business process outsourcing (BPO) as a major economic building block in their Vision 2030. Boasting an improved IT infrastructure, political stability and English language capabilities, Kenya is hoping to become a major BPO hub. Other countries are following suit. Any country in Africa with low-cost labor and good IT infrastructure is favorable business climate.

Contact centers in Africa are generally 25%-40% less expensive than US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia contact centers and can be an excellent choice for: Africa_Map

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