Global Focus

Speaking from a position of strength.

Here is where the true power of Strategic Link is demonstrated every day, by thousands of agents, in customer contact centers strategically located around the world.

Inside these traditional brick-and-mortar sites, you’ll find highly trained agents, empowered by the industry’s cutting edge technology and tools that add to their ability to be successful.

Specialized in their knowledge and abilities to virtually any degree, these agents are brought in to provide clients with the capabilities their programs require. We are able to offer multiple language capabilities, including Spanish, French and even special dialects, if necessary.

We also offer both offshore and near-shore operations, in addition to our sites within the continental United States. So, clients are able to gain the advantage of solutions that are customized according to their own unique needs and preferences, to maintain the highest levels of customer care while ensuring the optimum return to their bottom line.

Regardless of the location, we staff every contact center with the best talent available to ensure maximum performance for our client’s programs. We adapt our proven processes and methods to integrate into local customs and standards, which enables us to quickly identify well-educated and dedicated employees. From agents and call center management to training and quality assurance, we view every facet of our customer contact centers as an integral and vital component to the success of our customers.

With Strategic Link, we continually strive to ensure that our contact center solutions not only keep our clients ahead of the curve but ahead of the competition.


Nearly 75% of US and European multinational companies now use outsourcing or shared services to support their financial functions. Seventy-two percent of European multinational companies have outsourced financial functions over the past two years. The dramatic growth of the contact center industry is a world-wide phenomenon, fueled by advances in information technologies and the precipitous decline in the costs of voice and data transmission over the last two decades. As part of this global industry, we can help you to Off-Shore/Outsource to one of the call/contact centers anywhere around the world, picking the best solution based on your needs, dreams and budget. We also consider the required language, preferred accent and type of service that you desire for your business.320344_stock-photo-global-business

Choosing The Ultimate Solution

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