fundraising_solutions_whiteboardFor non-profits, fundraising and donations help mend and enhance the fabric of our society ranging from disaster relief and food insecurity to education and the arts. Acquiring information from their callers who wish to make donations, volunteer or need help is a fulltime job that requires more skilled staff than most have available. Our professional partners in the Strategic Link Global Network have the necessary experience in working with all types of nonprofits to take donations, answer questions and provide information for fundraising campaigns whether they are local or regional.

Fundraising requires more than just a friendly voice to reach financial goals. Those manning the phones must have the dedication and deep understanding of the nonprofit and its mission. They must also be backed by the organizational and technological infrastructure necessary to process the donations and interface with the nonprofit’s web presences as well.

When it comes to outbound fundraising, Strategic Link’s global partners have the expertise and infrastructure to work with your organization to target potential donors in a certain geographic area, by demographic, or from a calling list.

The handling of Fundraising calls is a very common activity conducted by professionals in The Strategic Link Network.

Let one of our outsourcing consultants carefully match your business with the appropriate contact center partner in our Strategic Link Network.

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