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    • Is Strategic Link a contact center agency?
      We aren’t – but our partners are.  Strategic Link, LLC is a contact center consulting company that is dedicated to enhancing the outsourcing process.  We work with over 100 contact center agencies to insure that our clients are partnered with the best possible match for their campaign.  Best of all, our clients never pay us a fee.  We are paid a small ongoing compensation through our agreements with the contact centers.  This insures that our goal is to develop outsourcing partnerships that last for years (not weeks or days).
    • What type of contact center agencies does Strategic Link work with?
      We work with a wide variety of solid, professional contact center agencies.  Strategic Link contact center agencies range from 30 to 8,000 seats and are located throughout the U.S., Canada, Central & South America, The Philippines, India, Eqypt, and South Africa.
    • What are the advantages of working with Strategic Link?
      1.  Eliminate Trial & Error – You can search trade publications or the internet for contact centers.  However, we have outsourced millions of hours of contact center work over the years and have identified the contact centers that really perform.  Most contact centers will promise the moon – we know who has delivered.
      2.  Experience – We have outsourced hundreds of contact center campaigns over the years.  Our principals have seen just about every type of campaign and are able to leverage this experience to maximize your chances of success.
      3.  Leverage – Our global partners utilize cutting edge solutions with an impeccable service record. The results are more than ever imagined with competitive options, significant cost-saving and high customer loyalty and satisfaction.
    • What is Strategic Link’s approach?
      • Define Business Goals and Objectives
      • Validate and Document Outsourcing Functions
      • Research and Identify Potential Outsourcing Providers
      • Prepare Request for Information (RFI) / Proposal(RFP)
      • Distribute RFI / RFP
      • Review Individual Proposals and Score
      • Define Short List of Qualified Outsourcing Vendors
      • Facilitate Vendor Proposal Review Meetings
      • Identify Vendor Finalists
      • Assist in Contract Negotiations
      • Develop Business Case
      • Select Final Vendor
      • Prepare and Present Recommendation
      • Project Manage Implementation of Outsourced Vendor Services

You can find more information about Strategic Link here:

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