Latin America

Latin America is emerging as an important outsourcing hub. Due to its geographic proximity and time zone similarity with the U.S., it is becoming a preferred nearshore outsourcing destination.

Companies considering shifting some of their outsourcing dollars to Latin America. It looks what many of the leading Latin American countries—including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico—are doing to encourage IT and business process outsourcing within their borders. It also contains detailed case studies that look first-hand experiences of companies that have been making Latin America an outsourcing destination.

When companies choose a location for outsourcing, factors such as labor costs, the avail­ability of talent, and quality of life are considered, but modern telecommunications and transportation infrastructure are also critical to export their services and bring clients to visit.

Given that most outsourced services are provided by phone or over the Internet, the avail­ability of high-speed broadband connections and mobile Internet services are crucial. Most countries in the region score well in this regard. Chile, for example, is Latin America’s most e-ready market, with the highest broadband and mobile telephony penetration rates in the region (11.9 percent and 80.4 percent respectively).8 Chile is connected to three international fiber optic networks, has high speed ADSL and cable modem internet access along with LMDS technology.

Mexico and Brazil also offer solid infrastructure in their main cities, while Panama is a hub for transport and telecommunications services in the region, attracting multinational banks includ­ing HSBC and Citibank that have set up regional offices in Panama City.

Contact centers in Central & South America are generally 25%-40% less expensive than US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia contact centers and can be an excellent choice for:SouthAmerica_Map

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