Diverse business group meetingStrLink, LLC is a U.S. based visionary company, seeking excellence in Off-Shoring/Outsourcing industry.

We built a strategy based on hundreds of studies and well observation to overcome all weaknesses in the off shoring industry and stabilizing the perfect performance after they are achieved for your firm.

We seek not just doing Off-Shoring/Outsourcing deals. We are pushing it more through creating accurate modules that suit each type and conditions of each firm, reliable enough to make our customers able to know how effective StrLink, LLC is going to be with their business.

One more thing StrLink, LLC never forgot is the availability of our team 24/7 to resolve any urgent matter. Our teams of consultants understand what are urgent needs to provide optimum solutions with no delays.


Being pioneers in covering all continents with our services .exceptionally having a new standard that surpasses all the common standards and rebuild the industry professionally


Being professional in all aspects of consultancy. We take the process from scratch and do the best solution. We work all day all night and fighting for your success.

Our Approach

  • Define Business Goals and Objectives
  • Validate and Document Outsourcing Functions
  • Research and Identify Potential Outsourcing Providers
  • Prepare Request for Information (RFI) / Proposal(RFP)
  • Distribute RFI / RFP
  • Review Individual Proposals and Score
  • Define Short List of Qualified Outsourcing Vendors
  • Facilitate Vendor Proposal Review Meetings
  • Identify Vendor Finalists
  • Assist in Contract Negotiations
  • Develop Business Case
  • Select Final Vendor
  • Prepare and Present Recommendation
  • Project Manage Implementation of Outsourced Vendor Services

You can find more information about StrLink, LLC here:

Outsourcing Intelligence