solutionDesigning results-driven business solutions is at the core of our successful service delivery model. At StrLink LLC, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on meeting and exceeding your growth and success objectives. We have a verifiable history of successes with a variety of clients and a team of motivated people with whom you can work closely. All our processes are minutely planned and professionally handled.

Customer Acquisition

Using multiple channels through our global partners, we generate leads for your business and convert prospects into loyal customers. We are experts in conducting inbound and outbound telesales, up-sell and cross-sell programs. Our expertise lies in growing your customer base through a thorough understanding of your business needs and offerings.

Our meticulously planned and professionally managed solutions focus on achieving clients’ success and meeting their growth objectives

Customer Retention

Our global partners engage with your customers to keep them happy with and loyal to your brand. Through our on-boarding programs, complaint management desks and loyalty programs, we instill renewed loyalty in your customers. This helps you derive long term business value from your existing customer base.

Customer Support

Our global partners experience in delivering superlative customer experience, we help you derive maximum life-time value from your customers. We are capable of designing and implementing versatile customer care programs, tailor-made for your business requirements.

Back Office Support

Our suite of back office activities, ranging from data entry to fulfillment services, help you focus on your core. We provide accurate, flexible, and scalable back office solutions for all your business requirements. We work closely with you to create customized solutions addressing your unique needs. This helps you drive process efficiencies and reduce recurring costs.

Analytics and Market Research

Collecting and analyzing your customer data from across the globe help us unlock your customers’ preferences and drive actionable recommendations to improve your bottom line.

Interactive Services

Strategic link LLC provides novel, efficient, and scalable Back Office solutions to better manage the non-core processes of your business. We do not just manage outsourced processes, we also restructure and refine them. We work closely with our clients to create custom solutions addressing their unique business needs.

Choosing The Best Contact Center

Request a free optimized benchmarking proposal to let one of our specialists analyze your specific needs along with the advantages and disadvantages of contact center location.

Outsourcing Intelligence